Sup? Today we will teach you how you can change your IP to match any location from around the world. 

Maybe some of you have already tried to cash out their CC’s but the transaction was canceled. This could happen because your IP is probably blacklisted or else leaked and your real location is compromised or else you simply do not match the country or city as the real CC’s holder address.

This is very easy to resolve, all you have to do is to learn and use SOCKS, SOCKS5 in particular.

Some of you probably think that the VPN is enough but it is NOT!

A premium VPN (especially double-hop VPN) will hide your IP and without the cooperation of your VPN provider, you are not trackable (so use a VPN that doesn’t keep logs).

SOCKS5 is trackable and not secure and all it does is to make your internet browser appear in the area of your choice.

So to cash out CC’s you will need your IP to appear in the area where the CC holder lives and to make this possible you have to use SOCKS5

Always activate your VPN before start carding then clean the browser history and then you are ready to go.

We apply SOCKS on the Mozilla Firefox browser. SOCKS5 comes in format IP: PORT or for example 23.498.33.910 :9500. In this example 23.498.33.910 is the IP and 9500 is the port.

So next time, before you try to cash out your CC’s using online shopping you must remember to use SOCKS5 which will Spoof your IP to appear in the same area as the address of the CC holder.

Some of you may have your PC setup in your own language but is NOT recommended as cookies saved in your laptop will allow the site you visit to have a look at your computer.

Let’s say that you are French and your browsers and computer stuff are all in the French language as this language is used only in France, Whatever site scans your computer may know you are a France citizen.

Also, make sure that the date and time of your computer are set in format GMT+ or GMT- as the real CC holders living area.

These are small but important details to protect yourself and to have success when you try carding.

To change your IP using SOCKS5 all you have to do is to get a SOCKS provider.

SOCKS5 is cheap we personally use 911.re and VIP72 but feel free to shop around.

You must also check whoer.net to see your IP score that must be 100/100 or else if your IP is black listed you will get a denial.

Once you have your SOCKS located in the same city to match the CC holder’s address and your whoer.net score is 100/100 you can go ahead and start carding.

At this moment you already must know what site you want to hit and have everything ready to do this work.


Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and click the menu “three lines” to bring down the menu.

In that window, click “Options”

Scroll down all the way and select “Settings” under Network Settings.

You will see  Configure Proxy Access to the Internet, select “Use System Proxy Settings”

Fill up the Socks Host with the IP you got from your SOCKS provider and then fill up the Port also got from the provider. Click “OK” and the popup window will close.

Now allow few seconds to activate the SOCKS5 then go to Whoer.net and make sure your IP was changed also make sure it’s NOT blacklisted and that your score is 100/100

Once you have your real IP hidden with the VPN and your computer seems to be located in the real CC holders area, with SOCKS5 you can start printing $$$.